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About Angela and Sacred Tree

This is a love story about Angela and Sacred Tree coming to you from the eyes of my heart and words from my fingertips.  

Love is the essence of life.  It is through love that we can feel, deal, and heal to change and grow into our truest essence.

Upon the many paths I have traveled, I have discovered it is through self-love that opens our doorway to our truest essence. Self-love is saying I am important enough to invest in my wellness for the body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Sacred Tree Yoga and Wellness is your invitation to explore the many gateways to your health in partnership with my experiences, education, love, and guidance.

Sacred Tree Yoga and Wellness was created in 2016 within the 4 walls of a traditional yoga studio.   The roots are deep, the trunk is strong and now the limbs reach to infinite possibilities, people, and places beyond the structure of only one location. 

May our paths join on this journey of love and wellness whether it is virtual, on-demand, or in person; long term, short term, or somewhere in-between.  

My wish for you is to open your doorway of self-love to discover your truest essence.  You deserve a life filled with joy, happiness, contentment, peace, and true love.

Love, Light, and Wellness,


Be like the tree!

The tree stands tall, deeply rooted into the earth mother, sharing its roots with other trees.


The tree stays interconnected to other trees for strength.


The tree that stands alone is a tree that falls down.


The tree does not mind what color you are, what you have done in your past, or what God you believe in.


The tree will always welcome you in and provide you with shade.


The tree stays open each day and accepts each day as it has been written by the creator.


Whether hot or cold, sunny or cloudy, rainy or windy, the tree knows it needs all these elements to keep growing.


The tree is always in the moment and it one with the universe, because the tree knows we are all one tribe.


Be like the tree!


 S. C. Klane

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