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A Program for your organization

Health4U identifies 8 limbs of healthy living. These branches work with the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) for whole health. If you are considering this program for your organization or company, reach out to Angela for a demonstration at

The Program

The program is for 8 consecutive weeks. Each class is 1 hour and 30 minutes in length. Plant the seeds of your wellness. We will grow together as we branch out  our deeper understanding of wellness. 

About the Class 

I will present this LIVE on-line program using PowerPoint presentations, along with discussions and questionnaires for your own discovery. Plus, there will be guidelines that provide choices to honor your path to being well and feeling well.  An on-line Health4U material will be included.

Class topics

 These are the 8 limbs of healthy living that will be covered over the duration of this program: 

1st Limb: Body Awareness

2nd Limb: Mind Matters

3rd Limb: Emotional Empire

4th Limb: Self Discovery

5th Limb: Self Care

6th Limb: Super Support

7th Limb: Purpose, Hopes and Dreams

8th Limb: Spiritual Spunk


No refunds or exchanges for missed classes

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