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Paws for Reiki

Paws for Reiki is an invitation to learn about Reiki, a Japanese modality of spiritual energy healing. This gentle and natural treatment will offer a new level of wellbeing for your dog. Benefits include:

  • deepen the bond between person and pet

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  •  supports healing after surgery, illness or injury

  •  can help with behavioral and emotional problems following trauma, abuse, or neglect

  • can help grieving animal after losing a companion dog or owner

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Reiki Private Sessions

Schedule a thirty minute  private session with Angela at

Canine New England 

Call Angela at 781-738-1577
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Reiki Certifications

Become certified in Reiki with Angela. Reiki Level One to Reiki Master certifications are available.


Pet & Person
Reiki Workshop

Experience an intro to energy healing for you and your dog. This is a small group session at Canine New England

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