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Fall gently into autumn

I love living in New England because I celebrate the change of seasons. The autumn equinox is an invitation to shift with the cycles of the ever changing mother earth. As I witness the daylight becoming shorter I feel myself wanting to slow my pace. I begin to gather up my reserves. A time to harvest the fruits of my summer experiences. I am grateful but not longing to hold onto to the hot days and brilliant sunlight. I observe the shifts in mother nature and reflect and respond to her cues. As she drops her leaves, I emulate her. I will assess, change and release what I don't need to carry into the new season whether it is physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. As she restores her balance, I choose to do the same. Take the time to reflect upon any shifts or changes that will restore balance in your home; the home of your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual body as well as the 4 walls of your sacred space. As Mary Davis said "May a new season dawn in me and rise with the light of love. May I release who I am for what I might become."

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