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Find Your Silver Lining

I have alway seen the glass 1/2 full rather than 1/2 empty.

Call it optimism.

I see the sun behind the clouds. 

Was I born this way or did I discover it through gratitude?

I have an attitude of gratitude. I look for what is right in my life and not what’s wrong. This attitude gives me the space not to be dragged down by negative people, places or situations. I choose to be happy and see the silver lining.

The pandemic was unforeseen and unpredictable. I maintain my faith and trust. I see the world having this opportunity to shift by releasing what isn’t important and identify and live by what is important.

There is a Sanskrit word called Aparigraha that translates to non-attachment. When we are attached to old ways it can create suffering. If I was attached to the four walls of the studio space, it would have created financial suffering to hold on.

I felt my emotions; my tears flooding my eyes with the thought of surrendering. This was my ego taking over creating fear, doubts and insecurities so I returned back to the wise mind. The wise mind could see that there is opportunity for growth in every challenging situation.

Hence, Sacred Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness center is now Sacred Tree Yoga and Wellness. A metamorphosis into a new way to experience my life purpose. I am so excited for the new possibilities and an unlimited pathway of opportunities.

Now, you are invited to take a moment to reflect on any old ways, thoughts, ideas, possessions that create suffering for you.

Can you liberate yourself by allowing the higher mind and not the egoic mind to decipher what is for your highest and best?

If you feel muddied with conflicting thoughts, pause, breathe and meditate for clarity.

Open to your intuitive guidance & the truth that lives within your heart or ask a trusted advisor who can share words of wisdom.

Find your silver lining. 

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