Prison Yoga

Prison Yoga is rapidly gaining acceptance as a valuable resource for physical, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual health in the U.S. criminal justice system. 


I have been teaching at MCI Norfolk, a medium-security prison for men, since March 2019. The men I teach have been receptive, respectful, and cooperative. They have a thirst for learning and discovering more.  In March 2020, this was put on hold due to the pandemic.  At that time, a pre-recorded yoga class and meditations were provided as an interim solution for all 14 Massachusetts correctional facilities. This included: MCI-Norfolk, MCI-Cedar Junction, MCI-Concord, MCI-Shirley Medium, MCI-Shirley Minimum, MCI-Framingham, Souza Baranowski CC, Old Colony CC, Northeastern CC, South Middlesex CC, Pondville CC, NCCI Gardner, Mass Treatment Center and Boston Pre-release.

On 11/24/20, I received permission from the Department of Corrections that I could provide yoga books and create additional yoga videos for all 14 correctional facilities. 

02/04/21 - With the generous donations of $1488 from our community, I have ordered the yoga books from Barnes and Noble and have 3 yoga videos being reviewed by the DOC.  Once this is complete, the incarcerated with receive this yoga material.

03/19/21 - At last, the 14 videos and 111 books have been delivered to the DOC.  The incarcerated men and women will receive these donations by next week.  Once again, thank you for your donation!

It's never to late to contribute! You are invited to donate to the  Sacred Tree Gift Fund to purchase future yoga books, Your contribution will provide an opportunity for change on many levels - individually, the institution, and society.

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