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Private Walking Meditations

These are one on one sessions that give the participant the space to connect to nature, breathe, and experience the present moment awareness through the senses. Each session will be customized to the need of the meditator whether it is being guided in silence, some discussion, or time to sit and receive words of inspiration. 


Walking Meditation Locations: choose the place that feels good to you!


  • Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary - 108 North St. Norfolk

  • F. Gilbert State Forest - 45 Mill St. Foxboro

  • Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary - 293 Moose Hill St. Sharon

  • Borderland State Park - 259 Massapoag Ave Easton

  • Choose local Mass Audubon or Trustees of the Reservation sites

Pricing: 1-hour | $100.00

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