Workshops are specialty classes that share information  on a particular topic to teach and engage our community. The focus is to provide information to enhance and improve overall wellbeing for the mind, body, and spirit.  

The Human Energy System: Aura, Chakras, & Nadis 

The Human Energy System: Aura, Chakras, & Nadis is a workshop that expands beyond the physical body by discovering and learning the impact that our energy system has on our daily life.  This three hour workshop will explain how to feel, see, sense the auric field (energy field around the body), the interpretation of the seven major chakras including  the colors, locations, purpose, oppositions and associated physical gland and the Nadis (energy channels) with the three primary links. Methods will be provided to clear, cleanse, balance, and protect the energy system. This workshop will include a handout, discussion and exercises. 

The Lotus Series 

The Lotus Series is a four-week transformative session that focuses on your opportunity to shift any  stagnation to create space for growth and expansion in your life. Each class will begin with the topic of discussion that will lead into breath, mudra, guided meditation, and healing. Topics of discussion:
Week One: Stability of Self – Your Foundation 
Week Two: Flowing with your stream of life 
Week Three: Sunlight of your Transformation 
Week Four: Reaching the Lightness of your being

Each class will connect to the elements of earth, water, fire, and air that will give us the core qualities needed for change.  Like the lotus flower of rebirth engages all elements, this is your opportunity to do the same. 

A Woman’s Way – An Inspirational Path

Have you ever lost your way and simply need space to regain your momentum?  Maybe you are on the right path but would love the comradery of others seeking a path of wellbeing. A Woman's Way is a class of women for women. Each class will include a guided meditation for relaxation, inspirational topic, a tool for navigating daily life, journaling and optional discussion. Take time to find a beautiful personal journal and pen to bring to class to express your feelings and emotions. This is an ongoing class that will be most effective by making a commitment to yourself as well as a commitment to the women that you share time with. Travel the path with us for greater peace, joy, healing and contentment in daily life.

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